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  • Recover faster from your active lifestyle, reset your body, and releas...

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    1 hr 30 min

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  • Deep listening is the most important ingredient to quality deep tissue

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  • Stress relief, decrease pain, and balance the body to improve wellness

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  • Fascial and Craniosacral techniques for deep opening and release

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Client Testimonial

Elli Y.

I reach out to Kit week after week for personal training and body work. As a rock climber, it is too easy to get carried away and injure yourself if you don't listen to your body and understand why certain muscles and joints are sore or weak. Kit approaches all of my body work sessions with a sense of problem solving, diagnosing my discomforts by asking questions and trying out different movements. He has taught me so much about my body and what exercises to practice to prevent injury. He is a great friend and professional personal trainer.

Client Testimonial

Carolyn P.

Kit was instrumental in my road to recovery with my climbing -related injuries. He was extremely responsive, attentive, knowledgeable, and professional. He identified my points of weakness and showed me many different exercises to stabilize and strengthen my joints. I would highly recommend coming to see him for any sort of body therapy.

Client Testimonial

Tyler N.

Finding Kit's practice was the equivalent of finding gold in your sifting pan. Not many practitioners are able to combine effective body work with a truly deep intellectual knowledge of anatomy and body movement. Not only that, but I also really appreciate that as an athlete and coach himself, he understands the nuances of a number of exercise modalities, and specifically how certain injuries or impingements are preventing me from being the best version of myself. He truly has a knack to quickly assess and solve long-term nagging injuries. Couldn't recommend Kit higher for those that are looking for long-term and effective help!

Therapeutic Massage + Structural Integration

What does massage therapy mean to you?


Most people want to relax and "tune out" for an hour. Other people want an immediate release from tight muscles, often with lots of pressure; they think that if it doesn't hurt, it must not be working. The limitation with impersonal bodywork and massage like this is the effects are fleeting; stress and movement restriction usually re-assert themselves rather quickly.


We use an integrative and therapeutic "tuning in" approach, completely tailored to your specific needs. We will discuss the issues you're having to determine which modalities will best fit you. Often we focus on unwinding the nervous system and listening on a deep level with each client, working to help you rebalance and reconnect with your body. A big focus is put on releasing myofascial restrictions, creating structural alignment and making sure to use the right amount of pressure to be most effective. You will learn how to become increasingly aware of feelings, holding patterns and hidden tension or stress in your body and how to go about releasing and letting it go inside and outside your sessions. By unlocking from the inside out, you can become a more integrated and whole human being and discover your true energetic potential. This process when paired with movement therapy and mobility/strength training frequently unlocks improved performance and a more rewarding experience in your body!

 Massage Prices

 45 minutes- $90

 60 minutes- $110

 75 minutes- $135

   90 minutes- $160

120 minutes- $200

Functional Strength + Endurance Training

What does getting in shape really mean? Lots of people think it's just lifting weights and/or doing cardio.


Both are valid in their own right, but my intention with getting people in shape is creating a comprehensive program in the appropriate dosage for you and your goals. It must combine mobility, agility, power, strength, interval training and cardio/endurance. This training regimen and accompanying nutrition plan will have you more mobile, moving faster, getting stronger and most importantly feeling healthier,  more alert, and focused.


My approach helps your whole body function better and increases your strength with everyday activities by focusing on training movements, not muscles and always working to challenge your core stabilization system. 

When appropriate, I prioritize compound exercises that use multiple muscle chains in movement patterns like:

  • Hinge - Deadlifts, RDLs, Kettlebell Swings, etc.

  • Squat - Goblet Squat, Resistant Band Tension Squat, etc.

  • Push - Push-ups, TRX forward leans, Overhead Press, etc.

  • Pull - Pull-ups, Rows, etc.

  • Single Leg - Lunges, Step-ups, Single Leg Squats, etc.

These kind of movements allow you to get the most out of your time spent training so you get stronger, move better, and improve your body mechanics and awareness every time you exercise your body.

   Functional Fitness & Movement Training Prices

 45 minutes- $80

 60 minutes- $95

     75 minutes- $110   

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