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What to expect from Wren Body Wellness | Therapeutic Philosophy

     In this practice and in life there is no magic treatment, technique, movement or workout program that will do all the hard work for you. Whether you are trying to manage pain or dysfunction, move better, or you are looking to get fit and committed to a new lifestyle, it will require patience, listening, a heartfelt desire and a fully committed and consistent effort on your part.

     Instant results don't exist and true transformation takes faith, focus, awareness, and commitment. The good thing is that all of these things are possible and more when you reframe your goals and discover your heartfelt why for seeking help and assistance. I am committed to helping you become empowered and succeed on this journey. 

     I work with people who want to start or return to activities they love without being held back by pain, mindset, or dysfunctional movement. Some of my clients have had a muscle pull or strain injury that didn't originally improve after doing traditional rehab or waiting. Others struggle with lower back pain or another condition that's caused them problems for a long time. They want to be able to play with their children, go for a run, get out of bed or carry the groceries without pain or fear they'll cause further issue.  Personalized therapeutic massage and movement brings physical and mental wellbeing to the body. 


     We tend to help lots of weekend warriors—individuals who pursue active lifestyles, play sports, rock climb, or like to workout in gyms or compete in marathons, spartan races or even triathalons. This population becomes unable to participate fully or train the way they want to due to shoulder, foot, or hip pain when they move certain directions, increase to certain intensities, or run.

We offer real solutions to patients who:

  • Are serious about improving their circumstances beyond just symptom relief.
  • Recognize that recovering from chronic pain does not happen overnight.
  • Want to know what they have to do to resolve their pain and are eager to do it.
  • Are open to learning and trying new things to achieve their best possible recovery.
  • Willing to put in the hard work outside of our sessions.

     The clients we work with want more than quick fixes. They want real improvement and lasting change. The approach we take is ideal for individuals who realize the body isn't a static entity that can be 'fixed' and will simply stay that way. It is constantly changing and adapting, which is why optimal health and wellness involves an ongoing commitment.


    With the right mindset paired with our principle-based system and range of services, we can embark on a joyful journey to optimal health and wellness no matter your background. At Wren Body Wellness, we seek to inspire your fire for life and vitality through integrative wellness and fitness services that can provide deeply rewarding experiences and education on your journey to optimal health.


     We only use scientifically-backed, best-in-class techniques, therapies and medical-grade equipment to get you lasting results that fit with your optimal lifestyle. We are committed to helping you successfully take the stairs and achieve lasting results when everyone else is trying to take the elevator!

 Why should you trust me to get you there?


Trained with and worked alongside some of the best bodywork practitioners, physical therapists, acupuncturists, sports coaches, and personal trainers in LA, as client success stories attest.


I take an integrative approach to massage therapy, sports therapy, personal training, corrective exercise and metabolic testing that meets you where you are in your journey. I use best practices and choose appropriate modalities to help you achieve your goals. Real changes that last take time and require sustained practice. 


I love what I do and walk my own path of daily self-care practices, a sober lifestyle, and healthy, consistent habits through consistent exercise, nutritious food, and receiving bodywork and acupuncture.


I am present during our sessions and listen intently to your needs in a way that allows me to make therapeutic recommendations with your optimal health and happiness in mind.

What can Wren Body Wellness do for you?

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