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What is Metabolic Testing?

Metabolic testing is a form of physiological testing that provides us the data necessary to make personalized decisions about your fitness training nutrition programs, and overall cellular health.


Through metabolic testing we gain a better understanding of how the key systems in your body are working together (or not) at rest and during training and endurance-based activities. From this data we can identify areas in need of improvement and come up with informed strategies to make you successful. This form of testing is ideal for accurate weight loss planning, performance-based sports, conditioning training, and muscle gain.

VO2max & Metabolic Analysis

VO2 stands for volume of oxygen consumption and provides important information about how you breathe and your metabolism. Since the body needs oxygen to create energy for all bodily movement and exercise, the better your body is at delivering oxygen to your vital organs and muscles and subsequently utilizing this oxygen, the more find-tuned your body will be. This efficiency at delivery and utilization at the muscle will allow you to more efficiently increase your strength, power, and endurance. We calculate your VO2max (in addition to many other important data points), which is an indicator of your fitness level. 


What you’ll get  out of our VO2max test:

  • Your VO2max score 

  • Your maximal heart rate (at 10/10 RPE)

  • Aerobic health and the maximum oxygen you can use per kg per minute

  • How much fat and carbohydrates (CHO) you burn at each intensity

  • How many calories you burn per minute/hour at each intensity

  • Respiratory and cardiovascular fitness insights

  • Heart rate raining zones customized to your specific physiology and sport/activity

  • An understanding of your specific physiological limitations (cardiovascular, respiratory, metabolic, neuro)

  • Spirometry testing 

  • Exercise routine to train your physiological limitation(s) identified

  • How best to move forward to reach your goals and a plan for assessment

VO2 Max Metabolic Fitness Test: VO2max number, respiratory data, bioenergetics, spirometry and your accurate heart rate training zones – $195

(report and review included)

What you’ll get  out of a Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) test:

-The percentage of fat and carbohydrate burn measured in the test

-Metabolic rate (fast vs slow) assessment in comparison to norms for gender and age.

-Your estimated daily calorie burn extrapolated from the test

-Resting metabolic rate (your individual baseline caloric needs to sustain life)

-Caloric burn rate from daily activities

-Calorie burn expected from a typical medium intensity 45-minute workout.

-Caloric recommendations presented for workout days and non-workout days for weight maintenance, gain and medically supervised weight loss programs.

Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) Test: Metabolic Speed, Fat/CHO use at rest, caloric recommendations – $105 

(report and review included)

Contact us today to figure out why metabolic testing and analysis is a good idea for you! It's definitely not just for athletes. In fact, the data and insights provided from RMR and Fitness (VO2max) tests can give you a plan of attack for achieving your health, nutrition, and fitness goals that may have seemed impossible in the past. Instead of guessing how to get fit in an efficient manner with generalized workouts, impersonal nutrition plans and math-based training zones, use our clinical-grade technology and science-proven techniques that are personalized and matched to your body and physiology. Additionally, we offer custom training and nutrition programming that we can deliver immediately to take action on your test results.

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