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Release. Retrain. Rejuvenate.

Wren Body Wellness is a private practice providing therapeutic massage therapy and psycho-structural body balancing, functional movement training, and metabolic testing in Denver. 


Our goal is to get your body functioning at its highest bioenergetic potential. By identifying your limitations, we equip you with a science-based plan to feel and move better than ever.  




Kit Wren


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Kit is a licensed and certified massage therapist and personal trainer specializing in functional movement and mobility training, injury rehabilitation, pain management, and nervous system unwinding. Since recovering from a serious injury in 2015, Kit discovered his passion for helping others heal and find wellbeing. He has worked alongside physical therapists, acupuncturists, massage therapists, performance coaches and other holistic health practitioners across Los Angeles.


Kit searches for the cause of imbalance and aims to correct it at its root, the results being optimal health and peak performance. He customizes every session to best suit the individual needs of each client. He strives to help people understand and integrate their body and mind to live full lives and not let injuries, pain or stress keep them from being their most joyful, happy, and healthy selves. Each session is given from a place of professionalism, compassion, heart and humor.