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A Customized, Integrative Approach 

Integrative Massage Therapy

Massage at Wren Body Wellness strives to be done with love, support and safety - a place where everyone who enters is respected and honored no matter what they are currently going through. With expertise in a number of differently modalities, we aim to support your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. We take the approach of looking at the entire body, it's deep connections and pathways, and finding a solution that works for you in the short term and over time. We will work with you to overcome your perceived limitations and help you plan how to move forward in the right direction.

Performance/Strength Training & Metabolic Testing

The Wren Body Wellness training system combines active stretching, strength training, and joint mobilization to improve mobility, stability, strength, and power. Whether you don't workout much, don't know what you're doing in workouts or have no plan, or simply need to enhance your performance and improve your quality of movement, we can help you optimize and dial in your workout and training plan, reduce your injury risk and ensure you're recovering properly. Use our clinical-grade metabolic testing and analysis services to get an understanding for how your body uses energy at rest and during training to optimize athletic performance, make informed nutrition decisions for weight loss and/or muscle gain, gain a better understanding your optimal HR training zones, and understand your respiratory and metabolic efficiency.

PEMF, Infrared Light and Electro-Magnetic Energy: Recover and Detox

What detoxification really means is internally cleansing. PEMF therapy, Infrared light and Electro-magnetic energy can help to heal the body on a cellular level. It can also support the body in its ability to remove harmful toxins in which we are exposed to constantly. PEMF helps optimize the organs ability to function. In addition, PEMF, Electro-magnetic energy, and infrared light are extremely helpful combatting pain, inflammation, tissue damage, and fascial restrictions.

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