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Wren Body Wellness Interview with Go Solo: Entrepreneur Stories

Get Optimized: Wren Body Wellness. Massage and Sports Therapy in Golden Colorado.

Happy 2023!

As the new year begins and we continue through this cold Colorado winter weather, I wanted to share a link to this interview I did with Go Solo: Entrepreneur Stories. This was a fun experience that goes a bit into my background and how I got started building Wren Body Wellness, my private practice currently located in Golden, Colorado.

2022 was an exciting time! I moved from sharing a space at Nurture half of the week doing massage therapy, to moving into a bigger space of my own with more availability and my full suite of services. This has allowed to work deeper with clients and incorporate movement, strength, and mobility training into your therapeutic plans to make a much greater impact than what massage therapy can do alone.

Big Plans in 2023

With new partnerships on the horizon and new online offerings being released later this year, I'm excited to announce Wren Body Wellness news to you via my monthly newsletter, this blog and Instagram.

Feel free to reach out directly with any questions or just to say hi! Subscribe to my newsletter on the homepage or in the footer (bottom section) of my website and be sure to follow me on Instagram for more frequent updates and free content.

Wishing you the best start to 2023- onwards and upwards!


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