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Functional Fitness Training

Get aligned, get stronger, get optimized

Functional Fitness Training

The Wren Body Wellness training system combines active stretching, joint mobilization, mobility training, strength and endurance training, and functional movement pattern training. With consistent work, we turn you into a stronger, more optimized version of yourself. Whether you don't workout much, suffer from recurring injuries and poor quality of movement, enjoy working out but don't have a training plan and struggle staying fit, or simply need to enhance your peak performance and dial in your nutrition and programming, we can help you optimize and dial in your workout and training plan, reduce your injury risk and ensure you're efficiently recovering between sessions.

Also, our clients have access to clinical-grade metabolic testing and analysis services to get an understanding for how your body uses energy at rest and during training to optimize athletic performance, make informed nutrition decisions for weight loss and/or muscle gain, gain a better understanding your optimal HR training zones, and better understand your respiratory, cardiovascular and metabolic efficiency.

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