Metabolic Testing and Analysis

Medical grade metabolic testing and analysis; RMR and Fitness Test

  • 1 hour
  • Starting at $75
  • your home, my studio, or a gym

Service Description

Using the PNOE portable metabolic analyzer, we use science to determine what each individual person should be eating and how they should be training their body based on their individual metabolic makeup. Whether you're looking to improve with sport, strength, endurance or general fitness and nutrition, getting metabolic testing done is incredibly important and helpful to understand how your body works, it’s needs and what you need to eliminate or change to reach your goals. Now it’s easier than ever to do! We conduct structural testing of physiological systems (cardiovascular, respiratory, muscle metabolism, metabolism at rest and during activity) and functional testing for assessing a skill (acceleration, deceleration, change of direction, agility, speed, balance, power). By conducting both RMR and Fitness tests appropriate to your specific lifestyle, sport, or way of exercising, we use metabolic testing to determine how to minimize or eliminate individual specific performance limitations. Stop using math, percentages, and generic diets to do guesswork on how to optimize your fitness and nutrition. Get accurate, medical grade physiological testing done now. This is essential to learn more about how your body works and finally be able to use accurate data and personalized recommendations that will actually work for you.

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